Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Hong Kong 2010 race - Some statistics

There was a huge section in the South China Morning Post yesterday morning about this weekend's race, interesting read of course! Here are some facts from the newspaper:

The 60 000 slots for this event were filled up already 3 weeks after applications opened - although apparently 8000 runners failed to show up Sunday. Lucky we got a spot!

It said in the newspaper that the ideal conditions for running a marathon would be below 15 degrees Celsius, and with the relative humidity being between 50-60%.
In Hong Kong on Sunday morning, we had 24 degrees and a relative humidity of 88-93%!!! No wonder it felt a bit sticky!

This year they had a record number of admissions to hospital (most probably due to the weather conditions), 55 people - 43 men and 12 women. Three of whom are still in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

Although they had changed the course of the full marathon this year, to include one more bridge and give the runners a different challenge; the HK marathon is apparently quite different to other marathon races. In other locations people cheer for you all along the route. In HK you can only find fans and spectators for the last few kilometers, other than that the run goes mostly on the highways.

The results:
Men Full marathon - 2h20:12, a Kenyan who won for the 2nd consecutive time
Men Half marathon - 1h11:27, a Japanese
Men 10k - 34:15, a local

Women Full marathon - 2h47:35, an Indonesian
Women Half marathon - 1h23:40, a 42-year old (!) Japanese
Women 10k - 38:29, a Brit

Me? I had an official time of 1h06:13, and came in nr 125 out of the 1691 women in my category, nr 998 out of 4430 runners in total in the 1h10-1h20 category. Not too shabby!

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