Monday, 8 March 2010

Some borrowed wedding photos

My friend Maria, who is the cousin of the bride of JJ's - have been taking part in several of the ceremonies during the past week.
She has kindly given me permission to borrow some of her photos to show you a bit of what I've been writing about. I'm very grateful, and she is an excellent photographer, so enjoy! (Thank you Maria!)

Here is the first ceremony, the hantaran (=gift presenting by the groom's family):

Then, on Friday, here are some pictures from the "tying-the-knot" ceremony in the mosque:

They truly are a beautiful couple!

And here they are finally, presented as man and wife at the bersanding yesterday. This was at the bridal party after we had seen JJ off. (You don't get to see this bit if you are only invited to the groom's side. A little bit odd that we actually never saw the bride, but that's the way they do it.)

The bride and groom, with my friend Maria and her family!

All the best to the newlyweds, may they live happily ever after! ♥

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Awww... thanks Boel!