Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Big friends

Usually when we are here, we go and see one of my Mum's friends for a catch-up. Lucas has loved coming there ever since the first time, since her son has been a Lego-freak as well, and has always been really nice to Lucas.
Things change though and now there is no more Lego in his room... he is now 16 and I swear he must have grown half a meter since last summer! He's taller than me now, with his 183 cm!
Edvin is still just as nice to Lucas though! He had his cousin over yesterday (that took size 48 in shoes, at 18!) and they were playing computer games. They were more than happy to have Lucas join in and watch:

Meanwhile, Linnea got a bag of old toys to explore. They kept her busy for quite a while. She liked all the old McDonald's wind-up toys. McDo toys really are the best! They last forever!

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