Saturday, 20 March 2010

Fun in the snow

First day in Sweden, and we have been outside and enjoyed the snow both in the morning and in the afternoon. Here in the middle of Sweden, there is still a lot of snow on the ground. Even though it's "old" snow by now, and it's rather hard - that didn't stop the kids from having lots of fun.

In their snow outfits, Lucas in his new duffel coat, sent over from Scotland by Grandma. He's looking very dapper:

It's been over two years since the kids last experienced snow, winter and cold. I'm not sure how much Linnea remembers, but it's still a fascinating thing, for them both actually:

They tried to make snow angels, but that didn't really work out:

Lucas was wondering if the snow will still be there tomorrow? I could safely tell him that yes, it will. It's been here since before Christmas, and it doesn't look like it will melt any time soon..!

After Mormor came home, it was time for another play outside. This time Lucas got some extra trousers on, to protect from the wet a bit and allow him to roll around more in the snow. But it was Mormor who got to work:

The sledging didn't quite work either... the snow was too hard, and the kids too heavy... We only tried to get some photos! :)

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