Sunday, 21 March 2010

Shopping heaven

No - it's not what you think! It's not the "normal" shopping that gets me going when I'm here (well, not just anyway!), it's the food shopping!
(Actually clothes shopping sucks at the moment. It's nearly impossible, or at least hugely inconvenient trying on clothes when you are already wearing so much clothes...)

Food shopping on the other hand, is pure bliss!
There is such a selection here, of everything, from every corner of the world. Yesterday I embarrassed Mormor by taking photos in the supermarket, just to show you. Check this out, this is the pick-and-mix section of rice and pulses!

And this, this is the section for soft cheese. In Sweden we have a tradition of cheese spread on tube, and when I was a kid there were two kinds: with shrimp, and without. Now, there are tons of different kinds:

I really, really miss these proper food shops. The range of groceries in Brunei is not big, at all. Some days you are happy if you can get fresh milk even!
So I enjoy the food shopping, I go shopping every day - just to browse around the shops and take it all in!

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