Monday, 13 May 2013

Who needs a stairmaster anyway?

I think the one thing I'll miss the most when we one day leave this place, will be the jungle. I really do love the Hash, and doing jungle hikes around the different recreational parks here.
My favourite has always been Bukit Shabandar, especially doing the classic 9 hill loop. Here's a look up the last hill - these stairs are just the beginning... there are many, many more around the corner up there... it's the never-ending hill...

Kim and I did the 9 hills this morning, but we got hindered for a while by a big troupe of monkeys who sat ON the trail, in the middle of the jungle. Usually they hang about at the parking lot area, where the food (=rubbish) is, only occasionally do we see them along the trails. Today they literally stopped us from going anywhere, until some nice men came along and walked through with us.

I have lots and lots of different memories from Bukit Shabandar. "Team Sweden" used to go around here 2-3 times a week when we were training for the Mount Kinabalu climb, sometimes we did it twice in one go! Here you can read about when we did it with extra cargo.
You can also read about my very first experience at Bukit Shabandar here; about one of my many exercise lows here; about Lucas' school trip there when Mormor came along here and about when I was on an exercise roll here.

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