Friday, 17 May 2013

One off the "Bucket List"

I've always wanted to go to Bali.
I think it's ever since I worked as an air hostess, and we did a service to Bali - but I never got on it! (Reason being I was one of the few who got left on the DC10 and did Phuket after Phuket after Phuket... a whole winter season; when the others started flying Airbus 330, and got to discover tons of fabulous destinations. The Bali trip was especially nice, since there was only one flight a week - so you had a whole week off down there!)

Anyway, we had booked a Bali trip five years ago, when Granddad had his big bike accident and we had to change all plans and head-over-heels get to NZ instead; and after that RBA canceled the direct Bali flights so we never got around to planning another trip - until now! Yay!

I've been counting down for months already, ever since we booked it; but now it's only one week left until we will find ourselves lounging by this pool, living in this gorgeous villa!

Not only is it absolutely stunning, it comes staffed with a security guard, a gardener and two maids - with cooking skills! :)
Obviously the pool is private, there is a jacuzzi too, and the view is breathtaking... Jealous much? 

But, the best bit with this vacation is that we are not taking it on our own!
Our Danish friends, the Dehlis, are coming out from Dubai to share the villa with us! We haven't told the kids that yet, we can't wait to see the look on their faces when we meet the Dehlis at KL airport..! We have been on holiday together before, so I know it'll be a fantastic week! I can't wait!

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