Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bali, Day 1 - Off we go!

The kids got to skip school on Friday (it's only a half day, so no biggie) and we left for Bali in the morning. We had chosen to go firm tickets with Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur, to make sure we would get there, and then from there onwards to Bali.
The first flight was pretty empty so we had lots of space, all good. Then we had four hours to wait in the KL low-cost terminal, but it wasn't as sparse as we had expected - plus we were looking forward to the big surprise arriving, the Dehlis!

It was so funny, they came as we sat killing time on our iPads in a Sports Bar, and the look on the kids faces was pure chock and confusion. Not at all the excitement we had anticipated, just totally blank faces for a very long moment! They just couldn't understand what the Dehlis were doing there?

Even though we then took the next flight together, they didn't quite get that we were actually going to spend the holiday together, not until we arrived to our villa together.

Even though we arrived rather late at the villa, due to the traffic from the airport being really heavy - the kids had to try out the pool, of course. Nice!

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