Thursday, 16 May 2013

Half way through

This Tuesday was the Mid-Year Run at the Hash. I can't believe we've already made it half way through the hash year! It's nearly about time we start thinking about Founders Day..! Anyway, it was a Committee Run, which meant a little bit extra oumpfh was put into this week's hash.

The hares had chosen Tungku Beach and the hens got to enjoy a different, but lovely 7k beach run:

Nearly the best thing with having the hash at the beach, is getting to experience the magnificent sunset:

The tent was decorated with over 250 glow sticks, since the theme was 'Glow in the Dark'. Once it became dark, it looked really, really cool!

All the hens also got a glow stick bracelet each, and many of them had also brought their own glow in the dark accessories:

All the members got a new t-shirt to wear:

The back, love the slogan!

The 'Hash Fairies' turned up, because it was time for some Hash christenings!

These four girls got their Hash Handles (=nick names) this week. Meet Wonder Woman, Twinkletoes, Mother Nurture and Mighty Maple!

Instead of organizing food, everybody had been asked to bring a plate. We could nearly not fit it all in on the table - look at all the lovely food we had, mmm!
It was such a fab evening, another great Tuesday night at the Hash!

(Thank you to Hash Flash for most of these photos!)

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