Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kuta by night

It started to rain as we left the Waterbom park in the afternoon. We walked up to the center of Kuta and had a bit of a browse in the shops. Nathan finally found a Billabong shop and could get what he "needed" (we ended up shopping so much we got 2 free t-shirts and a free membership!).

Anne also found a nice shop with gorgeous linen clothes and did some shopping, and the rest of us found Starbucks! Mmm!

We had a look down the famous beach where people were enjoying the sunset.

Then we went looking for somewhere to have dinner, ended up at this nice Italian restaurant. It was a quick dinner though as all the kids were slowly withering one by one after a busy day..!

Of course there's always time for a cocktail or two though! It's holidays after all!

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