Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bali, Day 4 - Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest

Another day and another excursion, so much to see and do here!
We decided to spend this day doing something the kids would enjoy too, so we went up further north to the area of Ubud and started out by visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest.

This is a nature reserve and temple complex in Ubud. It houses approximately 600 Macaque monkeys separated into four groups, each occupying different territories in the park. Obviously it was way too hard for us to identify the different troupes, there was just monkeys and monkeys and monkeys everywhere!

Although the monkeys were everywhere, you felt pretty safe, as they had keepers working throughout the park, that kept an eye on the monkeys.

We were warned before entering not to bring any food, not even on our bags, as the monkeys would find it. Sure enough, some monkeys were climbing all over people raiding their bags, but we didn't really have anything desirable.
One did steal Lucas' water bottle off him though! Something that caused huge entertainment for the other kids! The monkey took it, climbed a tree with it and gave himself a shower!

None of the kids were brave enough to feed any monkeys, even though the keepers were offering bananas. I sympathized, I wasn't too keen to get too close either!

This forest comprises approximately a tenth of a square kilometer and contains at least 115 different species of trees. It was very well kept, very pretty, even the kids enjoyed all the impressively tall trees and dense jungle.

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MrsC said...

Var det moro? Vi dro ikke dit sist. Barna var saa smaa og jeg var skikkelig kylling - saa redd for rabies og sykdommer. Vi hoerte at de apekattene ikke var helt trygge. Hva syns dere? Det ser jo ganske ordentlig ut paa bildene dine? Vi skal dra til Bali i Dec, tror du jentene er store nok til at vi kan ta dem med dit - hva syns du? Anbefales?