Monday, 27 May 2013

Jimbaran rain & La Lucciola

We had heard Jimbaran would be a nice area to have lunch, so we asked our driver to bring us there after our temple visit.
Sure, it was a nice beach, but firstly we couldn't really find any quick-and-easy lunch restaurants, they were all lush seafood restaurants with seafood served by the kilo. Secondly we could see a huge storm coming in, so it wasn't really good timing for sitting on the beach...

We did stay for a while though, having a such a good view of the DPS runway. This was where the Lion Air B737 crashed into the water last month. It was quite exciting watching the aircraft coming in, betting on wether or not they were going to end up doing a go-around..! Quite a few did, they couldn't handle the storm! The only airplane managing to land while we were standing there was a... Lion Air!

We decided to drive further up the coast and back towards home again. Everybody was getting really hungry so we needed to go somewhere quickly. We consulted Anne's list that she had been given by our friends - and ended up going to a Bali classic, La Lucciola.
La Lucciola is perched right on the edge of the beach. It's an enormous open, thatch-roofed building, with dining on two levels and beautiful large bamboo furniture that suited the place perfectly.


We had a beautiful meal, and some nice drinks, and when the kids were done they could go running off some steam along the beach - at least until the rain reached us there too.


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