Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Elephant Safari Park

To continue our day we drove a bit even further north of Ubud, to Taro and the Elephant Safari Park. This park was opened in 1997 and is currently the home of 31 Sumatran elephants, that has been rescued and brought here to Bali.

At this park they engage in a natural breeding program as a part of their conservation work, and they've had four elephant babies being born here.

This was a super experience. The park was very well kept and the elephants had big areas to roam around; their keepers seemed to really care for them too - it was just a lovely place. The gardens were beautifully landscaped and there was scenic pathways to follow, with waterfalls, fish ponds and lots of different plants.

There was a special purpose-built pond for the endangered Giant Giga fish from the Amazon. It's hard to gauge from this photo, but they were huge!! They are one of the largest air-breathing mega-fish in the world, they can grow up to 4,5m long!

As the rain was really hanging in the air we went straight for our ride. Lucas and got to sit together on one elephant, and Nathan, Linnea and I squeezed up on one.

We rode out of the park and onto a jungle trail, for quite a while. I would say it took us about 30 minutes, at least, before we were back again at the park.

The ride finished with the elephants going through the bathing lake. Linnea was worried we were going to get wet but fortunately we were high enough!

And in the end, it was time for a photo shoot. Note how well trained the elephants were, as soon as the cameras came out - up went the trunks!

Just as we finished the ride, it started to pour down with rain. Luckily it was time for lunch so we retreated to the Lakeside Restaurant, with a perfect view of the bathing lake, and the arena were they had an Elephant Talent Show scheduled just moments later. The kids could come and go and have a look at the show, while we had lunch.

The elephants were playing both football and basket, and one was being naughty and spent the whole show walking about spraying the audience!

The elephants were getting turns being taken down to their bathing lake for swims, and at one stage the latest baby, only 3 months old, and her mum came down. Of course we had to go say hello!

There was food provided so we could feed the elephants too. It was great to get to be so up and close to them, and their carers were in no rush either. We were able to pat them and feed them for a very long time.

Finally we also went to see one of the elephants who could do a little trick with a flower wreath. And it also gave cuddles, something not all enjoyed as much!


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MrsC said...

Lovely day! We went a couple of years ago, and Elliot is still talking about Ola the elephant that she rode on!