Sunday, 12 May 2013

Another baby celebration

It's certainly baby boom amongst our friends at the moment! This afternoon I was invited to yet another Baby Shower, for my friend Claire. She has three weeks to go until due date, and still rocks the tight dress and the super high heels!

We were a bunch of girls who enjoyed some lovely food and a bit of a chat; but we also played a few Baby Shower games. Here we had guessed how many pieces of toilet paper roll it would take to go around Claire's belly. Guess what - I won!

Then we wrote down our best advice for her, and it was rather interesting to see what people came up with. It ranged from 'Have an enema before the delivery', through 'Enjoy the ride and don't sweat the small stuff', to 'Trust your instincts', 'Sleep train the baby early' and 'Keep a well stocked wine rack' to mention a few.

It was quite entertaining when she read them all out and had to guess who had come up with which!

Finally it was time for her to open her gifts. Gift bag after gift bag with tiny little clothes, toys and other baby essentials... ooohh... you forget how small all those little tiny pieces are...!

I gave her a Swedish baby classic, a Brio rattle, something every Swedish child has played with, for generations and generations!

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