Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bali, Day 2 - Seminyak

Our first day in Bali was really a perfect day. The kids jumped in the pool as soon as they woke up:

The maid at the villa had cooked us all breakfast, ready for when we the rest of us got up:

Some shots from the villa:

The bedroom Lucas and Malthe shared:

The bedroom Ida, Daniel and Linnea shared:

Our Master Bedroom, straight by the pool:

Our Master Bathroom was sort of outside:

Later in the morning we took a couple of taxis down to Seminyak for lunch, and took a walk down to the beach.

We found a cool little place to have lunch, at the beach.

I had a local dish, chicken cooked in banana leaf with Balinese spices. It was very tasty and quite different to other Asian tastes I'm used to:

When the kids were done, they went and played at the beach. The sand was black, and wet, so they got really dirty - but they had so much fun!

Bean bags anyone?

After lunch the boys took the kids back to the villa for a swim, Anne and I were let loose to go and have a look in the shops.
They really have so many cool shops here, in all price ranges. The clothes are in totally different, funky designs and in lovely materials. I came back already this first day with four dresses!
Already looking forward to going for more browsing. Haven't even started looking at jewelry, or arty stuff, or small furniture or...

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