Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Meat, meat and more meat!

Last night we felt like meat, so we went to a Brazilian Churrascaria not too far from our villa, Bossa Nova Grill & Steakhouse.
Anne had never tried a churrasco before, but it's an easy concept to learn. You get your salad yourself from the salad bar, and then you keep your little gadget on green as long as you want more meat!

This is where all the meat was cooked:

They also had a well stocked wine room!

They kept coming around with all sorts of different kind of meat, and all the kids ate very well. They seemed to like the excitement with different things coming around, and how they could decide themselves what to have.

Beef, pork, tenderloin, sausages, bacon-wrapped chicken etc etc etc...

Malthe taking his time choosing the right dessert:

Ida was in charge of taking some photos at the end of the night. Her cue was:
- "Say Happy Meal!"

Waiting for the taxi back home to the villa:

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MrsC said...

Oooo, wanna try when we go in Dec! I know Gregg is going to love this meat-thing...the green button: just keep it comin'!!