Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bali, Day 6 - Waterbom Waterpark

Yesterday was a day for the kids, they got to pick what to do, and they wanted to go to the Waterbom Waterpark. I'd heard from a lot of my friends that it was supposed to be a really good waterpark for both younger and older kids. And it was.
The park itself stretches over nearly 4ha of landscaped botanical gardens, and there was 20 different slides for the kids to try.

After a bit of a wander we parked ourselves by the Kids Area, and them took turns in taking the kids for rides. Although Malthe and Lucas mostly went around by themselves. One of Lucas favourites was actually just floating along in the Lazy River, the long flat ride through the whole park, with a current. Relaxing and pretty!

Linnea and Nathan after having gone on the Superbowl:

Lunchtime by the pool. We didn't even bother trying to get all of them to eat lunch together, just ordered snacks as the day past, whenever they were hungry.

The younger ones had a blast at the more gentle kids slides:

Lucas spotted the fish spa and really wanted to try with me. Anne had never tried it before either so we decided to go for it. First you needed to have your feet washed:

Then getting them into the water was a bit of a challenge! The fish literally waited by the surface, nearly jumping out, to get to your feet first!

Lucas was brave, although he said it tickled a lot.

He was a bit disappointed though that the fish seemed to like Anne's feet better... I tried to explain that his feet are so young and fresh that there isn't much dead skin to nibble on.

Anne had to take here out of the water, for him to get the full experience!

Then we swopped places and it was my turn. It is a weird feeling, although I've tried it before so I knew what I was expecting. It's a bit like a small electric current all over your legs.

Finally Linnea got to try too:


The Boomerang, tickled your tummy!

Linnea and Daniel were busy posing and collecting photo bands from the official park photographers.

The Climax to the left, and the Pipeline to the right. Lucas actually went on the Pipeline, several times! Nathan was the only one in our group brave enough to try the Climax.

We also tried the Raft River, the Jungle Ride, the Macaroni, the Boogie Ride and many more.

Lucas and Malthe ended the day with a bit of a water balloon war:

It was a great day! Everybody happy and tired by the end of it. After a quick visit to the souvenir shop it was time to explore Kuta.

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