Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rookie mistake

Nathan had sorted out some local money yesterday and I got handed some cash before hitting the shops. Cash is always good for small expenses, especially in a place like this where everything is so, so cheap.
Problem here is, you deal with hundreds and hundreds of thousands... I got two million to shop for! Yeah!

Well, once we had finished shopping we were thirsty, went to a kiosk and bought some water. It was 26.000 for two bottles. Then we jumped in a cab and drove back to the villa. When the taximeter stopped Anne said:
- "Oaw, that's even cheaper than our water!"
Then we thought, nah, how silly, must be wrong, and ended up paying the man 180.000 for the trip.

Well... That was 10 times too much, as the taximeter had indeed stopped at 18.000! *Sigh* Really not easy with all those zeroes!
Anyway, he got a good nights salary out of that, and we didn't get totally ruined (Rp180.000 = 22BND or 120SEK). I'm sure we were not the first tourists doing that mistake either.
You live and you learn.

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