Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mega Masterclass

This weekend Brunei hosted yet another B1 Zumba Fitness training for Zumba fans wanting to become instructors. It was a full training, again, and now Brunei has over 100 licensed Zumba Fitness instructors! So cool, Zumba is certainly growing in this country!
Far from all of them will proceed to actually teach Zumba though, many participates in this training just because they love Zumba; or because they want to learn more about it and want to have two fun  Zumba-filled days with like-minded Zumba freaks!

This time the ZES was George Lu, one of the international Zumba Education Specialists. He also did a Master Class at the Bomba on Saturday night, and once again - the hall was jam packed!
Close to 500 people were there to shake and shimmy away together and we sure had a blast during this 90 minutes Master Class!

Me on the floor..:

Me on the stage..:

(Last three photos courtesy of "Mr Supermario", thank you!)

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