Saturday, 27 April 2013

A man of few words

I bought a new handbag when we were in Hong Kong but unfortunately the handle broke only the second time I used it and it's been laying around since then waiting for me to get it fixed. It was an easy fix though, it had just sort of let go in the seam that held it to the bag. Finally this week I got around to taking it to the shoe/bag repair man, and managed to get a park right outside his shop.
He must have seen me arrive, bag in hand, because before I even got to say good morning, the following conversation happened:

- Can.
- Ehm... ok, you can fix this...
- Yes.
- Great! Can you also...
- Can also.
- ... ehm, I mean... enforce the other ha...
- Yes. Can!
- Ok then...
- Today?
- Well yes, that would be great.
- Today. Can.
- Thank you.

Ha ha, only in Brunei! The cost of him fixing the handle and enforcing the other three seams too?
$3, which is about €1,80, 16SEK or £1.60! Bargain

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eastcoastmom said...

Och bild på väskan?