Saturday, 13 April 2013

Linnea's first CrossFit experience

I took Linnea to her first 'CrossFit for Kids' session this morning. Lucas tried it once before our Sweden trip, and he liked it, so Linnea said she wanted to try too.
As Lucas had a birthday party this morning she had to alone, and was a bit worried she wouldn't know anyone, but she was happy to find one of her class mates there!

They started with dynamic stretches for warm-up, and then they worked on different moves. Here they are doing inch worms. Linnea did really well!

After that they practised jumping pull-ups...

"Blocking the sun"... = doing squats, Linnea at the far end in her pink shirt:

Today's CrossFit Kids WOD:

They did 45 seconds at each station, four different stations, for two rounds. Here they are doing sumo dead lift high pulls, with kettlebells:

Jumping pull-ups, she did great on these and told me afterward this was her favourite exercise out of the four.


Knee tuck jumps:

In the end it was time for a game. They had to get through the big tyre with a medicine ball each, and then stack all the balls up against the wall on the other side, as fast as possible. Linnea's team won!

Then the Coaches challenged the kids - if they beat their time, the losers had to do 10 burpees!

But as it was a tie (kind of...), they all did 5 burpees together! :)

Linnea did really, really well. I was so proud of her for braving it on her own, just going with it without any hesitation. She was listening to the instructions, waited her turn and performed all the exercises really well! I think she might be a natural!


MrsC said...

Well done, Linnea! You guys make me want to try this cross fit thing. I haven't seen it anywhere around here. I wonder if it is just called a different name.... there is something called group fitness, but it is nowhere near as cool as crossfit sounds!

Aran Chandran said...

Is the Crossfit gym in Bandar or closer to Belait/Seria?

MrsW said...

Aran, our Box is in Berakas, by the airport. Let me know if you need any more info!