Monday, 22 April 2013

Surprise Baby Shower

Today I hosted a Baby Shower for one of my friends. We had disguised it as just a lunch get-together for all us girls training CrossFit together at the Box, so she had no idea! It was lovely getting to surprise her!
I had great fun decorating the house with little blue baby clothes I had borrowed, blue ribbons and blue balloons:

Kim had made the diaper cake, it looked gorgeous, and we had all put together for a voucher at Mothercare as a gift for the Mum-to-be.

Everybody brought something to eat, but I cheated and got Beenal to make us some cute baby themed cupcakes. Another pretty batch of cupcakes, nearly too pretty eat!

So much delicious food!! Silly me forgot to take a picture later with the covers off... *duh*, but we had quiches and salads and tabbuleh and chicken and beef burgers and fresh bread and... Mmmm!

No Baby Shower without games, right? We did a few Nursery Rhymes games that were rather easy, the game proving to be most difficult was the "Match the celebrity baby"-one... Guess who won that one - the one only of us without kids! :D

Here's the lovely Tamsin, with a little bit more than a week to go until due date. She's still coming to CrossFit, and she's still putting us all to shame at the Box, she's one strong woman!

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MrsC said...

What a nice surprise! Love the little clothes hanging on the line - great idea!