Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Back to the Box

So, yesterday marked the start of our first full week back,. The kids went back to school properly and me - I went back to CrossFit. Back to the Box, my Box. It was just the normal group of girls yesterday morning, luckily, as I was rather apprehensive about the whole thing.

It was hard enough to take my first Zumba session back on Friday, I nearly fell over halfway through before I remembered to breathe properly! :) It's amazing how fast stamina disappears when you haven't done much in a couple of weeks...
So, I was worried about the exercise, about the WOD and getting back into it all again. It nearly felt a bit like I was ready to start from scratch. Cause I was also a bit worried... or rather, I felt a bit silly... about my CrossFit Open result - or more accurately: no-result.
(As you know I didn't manage to do the 13.4 in Sweden, and I didn't make it down to the Box for the 13.5 either once I got back. I can blame the jet lag, but it was probably more the bruised self-confidence that stopped me...)

Well, Coach Mo had a chat with me about my experience (he placed nr 2 in Asia by the way and is off to Regionals in South Korea in May!) and straight away he made me feel at ease. When I said that I should've never signed up, he said that the fact that I believed in myself, that I did sign up and had done my best, should mean everything, not necessarily the end score.

He made me think of an article I had just read via the games.crossfit.com website. I quote:
- "In your gym, the bravest person might not be at the top of the leader board - the bravest person might actually be at the bottom."

I guess the only failure would've been not having attempted it at all, and that'll be what I take away from this experience. That, along with a very humble approach to all the training from now on!

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MrsC said...

I love that quote! I sometimes feel very inadequate and awkward in the gym. Def putting a brake on my effort there....