Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The longest day

So, we are on our way home, sort of halfway, overnighting at Heathrow at the moment. Obviously not really halfway, we still have a long way to go, but it sure feels like we've done the hardest part already. This day is always so, so looong...

Travel day is always a totally lost day when you travel in the afternoon. You do nothing in the morning, apart from waiting to leave.
Then it's the looong drive to the airport, and when you come from the family I do, you get there in super good time, so then you have another looong wait there too.

The flight itself is actually the least hard bit of the trip! Especially the one between Scandinavia and London, wheels have barely gone up before it's time to touch down again! Doesn't feel long at all, I didn't even have time to watch a movie.

Of course the queues at immigration were super looong at LHR, and once we got our luggage and got out to the Hotel Hoppa bus, we'd just missed it by 2 minutes and had to wait for another looong half an hour for the next one... It bloody happens every time!

By the time we got to the hotel at 7.05pm, the "kids eat for free with paying adult"-deal at the restaurant had finished at 7pm... Gah, typical!

Well, we ate anyway, obviously, and it's now 9.20pm here, which means 10.20pm in our bodies. This Mum is more than ready to end this looong day... finally.
Good Night!

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