Saturday, 20 April 2013

What a fee-eeling!

Last night we were invited to yet another fancy dress party, they sure are popular here in Brunei! My dress-up wardrobe is bigger than the kids one!
This time it was an 80s themed one - so fairly easy to get props for..! Not only have the 80s been having a revival lately, all over the world, with lots of neon etc. But Brunei is also really stuck in the 80s, so all you had to do was to go into any of the normal shops in the Mall, and you would find perfect outfits!

A few of us gathered for some pre-drinks before we headed off to the party. The girls got busy in the salon, here's Sam getting "teased" by Pip, proper height to the hair, very important!


And "I" had a haircut!

Freddie Mercury and Rambo:

Björn Borg (I got him to swop his top for a white one later before we left, to look even more authentic!):

An 80s rocker and Chucky:

Rambo and Anna, who had (worryingly) found her whole outfit in the depths of her own wardrobe..!

I tried to go a bit Flashdance-inspired, with leg warmers, an oversized top and a lycra leotard. I couldn't find a grey top, nor pink leg warmers - so this is as close as I could get. (I didn't wear any heels though, so I look like a midget in this shot!)






Nathan had some issues with his mustache, so once again we went to the salon to try and use some hot wax to "glue" it to his upper lip...


But unfortunately the wax trick didn't really work, so in the end we had to trace around the original mustache...

... and then paint one on with some mascara!

That worked brilliantly! Off to the party we went! Pictures to follow...

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MrsC said...

Ha ha!! The good old 80s! Looks like you had tons of fun!