Saturday, 13 April 2013

Some pics from this week

As I said in my previous post, this week has been a "normal" week with all the usual happenings.
At CrossFit we have got a new toy - a big, BIG tyre!
So we have been working on tyre flipping..! Yeah, makes you feel really strong!

Can you tell we were all girls at the Box this specific day...?

It's been great to be back to the Zumba Studio too, I've missed my trusty Zumba freaks!
The other day one of the girls had a birthday so her friends brought her cake.

At the Hash on Tuesday we honoured one of our members who sadly passed away in an accident four years ago, it was the 'Roadrunner Memorial Run'. Quite an emotional shout-up, a couple of poems were read out, we had a silent minute and we shared some memories of her with all newer hashers that didn't know her. It was a lovely evening.

And as every year at this run, we enjoyed Lee's favourite treat meal: fish & chips from the Kasbah! Mmm!

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