Saturday, 13 April 2013

What a difference a week makes

Ok, so whereas it seemed like we were over the jet lag already last weekend, since we were sleeping better; I would say it still takes about a week to get completely back to normal.
It's been a pretty full on week for all of us, with all the usual happenings, but I still have noticed that things haven't been quite normal.

Lucas has been complaining about being hot. He came home from school completely overheated on Thursday and needed a nap after school, and didn't go to school on Friday either.
I have been very hot and clammy as well, and extremely thirsty all week! Plus, instead of the normal soreness after exercise I've been experiencing a very odd stiffness I've never had before. I've been like a robot, all rigid; and I've been super tired each night, not being able to keep my eyes open after 9pm.
Linnea seems to be the one dealing with it the best, haven't really noticed anything different with her.

A week later, and we are finally back to normal. As normal as we get anyway! :)

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