Thursday, 4 April 2013


We've gone from 6 degrees and sunshine at Landvetter (Göteborg, Sweden) on Monday -

- to rain but, 33 degrees at home in Brunei today:

I like both but I'm happy to be home.

The RBA flight out of London has been retimed as of the 1st of April, so it was the first time for us leaving London in the evening, and arriving here in the evening. I was wondering how it was going to affect our jet lag, and of course it's too early to say the first day back - but judging from last night, it seems to be easier on an adult, whereas dealing with jet lagged kids, at any time, is... pure HELL.

The trip otherwise was uneventful. It's such a long trip though, and I don't even mean the flight itself, that's actually the easiest part (even though it's 2 x 7-8 hours). But as soon as we board in London it always feels like we're nearly there. It's all the waiting everywhere that drives me insane.
But now we're home, and it's all good.

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