Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sporty weekend

We are having the Turner kids over this weekend as their parents are away celebrating their wedding anniversary. Kids all were super pepp for a double sleepover, and so far they've all been behaving beautifully and had a lot of fun.
Yesterday morning it was time for CrossFit Kids for our two, so the Turners had to tag along.

They all had a great time, and now they want to come back too! (Sorry Tash...)
Warming up with some walking lunges:

And some push-ups into planks:

As a skill they got to try out the rowing machines:

And also learn the technique for overhead squats:


The WOD was another 2 rounds of a pretty tiring circle training: 45 seconds pull-ups, 45 seconds lateral jumps, 45 seconds squats and 45 seconds of push-ups:

Nice and sweaty after a good workout!

Then Linnea had dancing as usual on a Saturday, and today it's Kids Hash! A great active weekend!

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