Sunday, 14 April 2013

Rain over me

We were all up early this morning to go and support Linnea in her next "7-9 Year Olds" swimming competition. Since Nathan missed it last time, we all went along this time. It was held in the Mumong area in Kuala Belait, an hour and a bit long drive south from here.

We got there the time we had been told, about 15 minutes before she was supposed to do her first race. Somehow there had been some changes and older kids were also racing, so it turned out she wasn't supposed to race until closer to lunch time. *Sigh*. So we settled in for a bit of a wait.

Unfortunately, after the first few races, the rain came, and with it a huge thunderstorm and lightning. So yes, eventually the rest of the competition got canceled unfortunately, before Linnea had even had a chance to do a single race. It's presumably postponed to a later date. *Sigh* again, nothing else to do but drive back home again, another hour plus long drive. What a way to spend a Sunday morning...
Luckily Linnea wasn't too disappointed. I think she still had a good time playing with her friends while they waited!

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