Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Big Christmas Cookie Exchange

A few months ago one of the girls in our 'Creative Crew' came up with this idea to do a "Cookie Exchange" sometime before Christmas. The rest of us hadn't really heard of this phenomenon, but agreed to take part and got ample instructions on how it was going to be done. We had to make 8 lots of 6 biscuits/cookies/slices etc, and package it nicely.
Weeks of secret planning followed, and today was the day we all revealed our cookies to each other and did the big exchange!
And all I can say is - OAW!!!

Look at all these cookies:

Here's Rachel's Shortbread:

Kim's Peanutbutter Balls in lovely decorated peanut butter jars:

Courtney's Cranberry/Orange Christmas Cookies, in pretty handmade bags:

Misuzu's Cinnamon Stars, wrapped up Japanese style with little origami Santas as decoration!

Pauline's Christmassy Shortbread:

And, I think the one we all were mostly impressed by, Beenal's Mini Gingerbread House (we actually got 5 each, but she displayed one each for us like this) - designed to be perched at the edge of your coffee cup! How cute??

Here's the Crew, with all of our creations:

My contribution to the exchange was some yellow Saffron Biscotti, yum, yum!

Here's my total loot, we all got one each of all the cookies of course.
But this wasn't just for us, all of us had also made an extra packet of each, to be given to the people at the Pusat Ehsan Charity who we met at the Zumba Masterclass a couple of months ago. We hope they like their super international cookie buffet!


Katarina said...

Wow, så imponerande! En jättebra och rolig ide att få prova varandras olika jul bröd.

Katarina said...

Toppen fin ide och aktivitet!