Saturday, 8 October 2011

1st Zumba Brunei Master Class

I have woken up full of energy and happy feelings today! Oaaaahhh!

Last night I spent with about 300 other Zumba crazy people at the first ever Masterclass (=a class that is maybe extra long, taken by a ZES (=Zumba Education Specialist), or for a special cause - in our case we ticked all three!) here in Brunei.

It was organized for the charity Pusat Ehsan and taken by one of the ZES from Australia, Enrique Salomao, who's originally from Brazil. It was 90 mins of cool music, wide smiles and great Zumba routines! So inspirational!
It was a whole evening event, we got goodie-bags, left our hand prints, mingled, did the class and even got food afterward; what a fab night!

The evening was MC'd by our favourite radio DJ here in Brunei, DJ Izan. Here she is with Susan before it all kicks off:

Can you see the Swedish flag I drew?

I was asked up on stage to do some of the warmup together with some of the other people from the Studio, and it was so cool to look out over the sea of people - all with big smiles on!
Here's Arlene and I getting our groove on:

A little break in between the warm-up and the main event:

I was also up on stage with the main man himself a few times during the Master Class! He pulled people up out of the crowd, it was very cool!

Here's some of my friends groovin' it, Benaal, Nicole, Misuzu and - can you spot Anna?

The Zumba crowd, so much energy! People had come from all over the place, from KB, Seria etc etc. So many Zumba crazy peeps!

(Photo: Jonathan Yap Soon Lee)

We did a cool "battle" all over the hall!

(Photo: Jonathan Yap Soon Lee)

The ZES, Enrique:

(Photo: Jonathan Yap Soon Lee)

DJ Izan and me afterwards:

It's really not often events of this proportion gets organized here in Brunei as it's a whole lot of work involved, and lots of admin (...) too. I'm so happy to have been part of this event, it was a super-duper evening and it was great to see how big Zumba is getting here in our small country!

I've made so many new friends thanks to Zumba, and I feel better than I've done in a long time. All thanks to Zumba! Zumba love!


Katarina said...

Wow, så roligt! Verkar som du verkligen hittat din grej! Själv har jag aldrig testat.. Kanske man skulle!

Självförbättraren said...

Åh vad härligt, och vad glad jag är att du har hittat någonting som verkligen ger dig glädje och energi - det är SÅ mycket värt!!

Malin L said...

Vad kul Boel!!! Zumba är så roligt går på det här hemma. Stor kram

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