Monday, 17 October 2011

Tartan 307

Grandma came with full suitcases of course, with lots of presents for everybody!
Lucas was lucky to get one of these:

The Watson tartan, tartan nr 307.

In the Scottish Register of Tartans you can read the following about this tartan:
"Now in general production as a Watson tartan. Watson website (Nov. 2004) says designed in 1932 by Rev. Mhuir Watson, minister at Glamis Church [...] for family use. [...] The design is based on the Gordon and Hunting MacRae tartans. The name is associated in part with the Aberdeenshire area. The Clan Watson Society no longer appears to be active (2002)."

At the packaging of this tie, you can read the following about the Watson name:
"This name, which means the Son of Walter, comes through the diminutive Wat or Watt. The full form, Walterson, which has almost died out, was at one time common."

Quite cool! Now we just need the right occasion for Lucas to wear it!

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