Friday, 7 October 2011

Auf Wiedersehen

Today another good friend of mine left Brunei, for good. It was my German friend Claudia; her daughter has been in Linnea's class while they've been here; whose time was now up.
It's always so sad to say goodbye... My least favourite thing about the constant exchange of people here.
On Wednesday a few of us school mums had a farewell lunch for her at one of the new Italian restaurants in town. It was really, really lovely!

We had all got together and got her a card (that she couldn't read cause it got all the water work going..!) and a beautiful pair of very sleak, just-her-style, white gold earrings. Only thing was, it had been a while since she's used earrings so they were a bit hard to put on!

Claudia - I will miss you. Take care, good luck with the next chapter of your life and stay in touch!

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