Friday, 21 October 2011

Twenty First of October Two Thousand and Eleven

Photos from a very traditional birthday morning in the Watson house:
Birthday Girl being woken up by beautiful (well...) singing of 'Happy Birthday', Birthday Girl getting drowned by presents, Birthday Girl opening presents.
Today they were all opened nicely one by one, very calmly and the Birthday Girl was being very grateful and happy (even though she doesn't look like it, she was very happy with all her presents!) and excited.

In the parcels this morning came a doll she can bring in the bath, a bath tub for said doll, Zumba clothing (!), a big Lego tub, a hula hoop, a Lalaloopsy doll, a sticker book, Pippi Longstocking Hama-beads, jewelery, silly bandz, Hello Kitty parts for her little HK "village", new swimmers, a Fairy Barbie and many more things. Such a spoiled little Birthday Girl! :)

A photo taken this afternoon after school, with all the presents:

And tomorrow we have the party, so more to come!

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