Friday, 14 October 2011

Mouthwatering marbled meat

Our favourite sushi restaurant Excapade has got a new dish on their menu - Wagyū Beef. We tried it the other night for the first time, and again today for lunch. I'm officially hooked, yum!
They serve it with a little "hot plate" so you cook it yourself on the table, just to your tasting.

The Wagyū beef is known for it's marbling characteristics and has a very high market value, it's by many seen as the finest beef in the world.
Different breeding and feeding techniques are used on the animals, such as massaging them or adding beer, wine or sake to their feeding regimen.
Well, all I know is that it's very tasty!

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Rosso said...

Shame most of the other restaurants aren't up to the same standards as Excapade.