Thursday, 20 October 2011

Minibeast Madness

This afternoon we were invited to school to enjoy a Junior School Production called "Minibeast Madness", where the kids from Kindy to Year 2 participated.
They have been practicing for weeks and weeks and even though I haven't got much info out of Linnea, I've understood it's been a really big thing for the children and staff involved in this.

Well, it was very excitingly held in the new Art Center, but unfortunately not in the 700+ seats main auditorium but in the much (much!) smaller orchestral rehearsal room... It was very crowded and some parents didn't even get a seat, but the venue was decorated fabulously! It was like being in the middle of a garden with greens, stones, plants and flowers everywhere!

The story went: "It is Midsummer’s night and the garden minibeasts are gathering for their annual fiesta, an occasion of great fun and feasting. The fly narrators see everything that is going on, but the minibeasts are unaware of the lurking presence of the Bug Squad, who, in their bumbling fashion, are intent on exterminating them."

So, we got to meet all kinds of minibeasts - snails, bugs, flies, bees, spiders, mantis and... a millipede, which Linnea was one part of:

We hardly recognized her at first, with that headband on and the heavy face painting! But I really liked her look! Shame she never wants to wear anything in her hair, the headband was cool!

The Bug Squad:

Some of the other children/insects:

As you can see it wasn't only the stage that looked fantastic, so did the children! The costumes were absolutely amazing!
We so enjoyed this performance, both us and Grandma. It was a fantastic show, all the kids did really well and I'm so happy I am able to take part in all these happenings at school.

(I didn't take that many photos as I only had my snapshot camera. I'm still waiting for my big camera to come back from repair... boo...)

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