Friday, 28 October 2011

Like night and day

Our neighbours had one of their little nephews from NZ visiting them last week, but as he was 8 years old, he was a bit big to play with little Oliver all the time. He came over here a bit, and Lucas was over there to play too.
One afternoon they asked if they could take Lucas with them to the Yacht Club for Corin to have someone to play with, and sure!
Afterwards they told us that it had been a very entertaining trip.

Lucas and Corin are two very different kids. Where as our son is all out there, Corin is a bit more reserved.
Upon arrival at the Yacht Club Lucas had jumped right into the pool with a big:
Seeing this Corin stood at the side of the pool very concerned and signed to Lucas to get out, whispering:
-"Lucas!! We are not being supervised!"

Ha ha, Lucas had no idea what he meant of course! :)

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