Saturday, 8 October 2011

New & Old

Yesterday Misuzu and I went for breakfast at this new place in "Little Gadong" we had heard about called 'The Old Cottage'. Well, we thought it was new, turned out it has been there for nearly a year! (Or so the waitress told us anyway...). A year!! How have we missed this!?

It was great, decorated totally and 100% in the same style throughout, old country cottage. Very English to me, but with some American little details too. Patchwork on the walls, wooden ornaments, very cute.

They had great (and cheap!) breakfast too! I had all this, for only $5!

We will be back many more times, that's for sure! Now that we know it's there. Nice with a new place to go to, and since it's the closest one to school, it'll be a given on days when you need somewhere to hang for a while before you go to school, for Assembly or such. Thumbs up!

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Tina said...

we used to go there..if its the same place~ as they used to sell BACON BUTTIES!! sadly this was outlawed just before we left..nice place tho!