Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dubai - Day 2 Morning

When I was a cabin crew and used to come out here to Dubai, we occasionally went on excursions and explored a bit (in between all the partying and sun lounging).
Once we did this amazing 4WD trip out into the sand dunes and went sand skiing and drove around in the desert. It was a bit scary, but it sure was a memorable day, and I really wanted the kids to experience the desert too.
So today we had booked a trip to the desert, and got picked up early this morning and got taken out into the desert to get set up for some "dune bashing".

We drove around in the dunes, spotted a few camels and were amazed at how much rubbish that was flying around out there.

The kids were not quite as taken as I was back in the day though. Actually they weren't impressed at all.
Especially not after the driver went full speed up a dune just to discover there was no more sand on the other side and we did a 90 degrees drop right on the front of the car..!
Quite a few tears, a big bang, a few red marks after the seat belts and a promise to drive a lot more gently later - we chugged back to camp, very slowly.

We then had to bribe the kids to make them happy again, Linnea chose to go on a camel ride...

... and the boys chose to do some quad biking.

Even though everybody were a lot happier, none of the kids are ever going back to the desert never again... :/

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