Friday, 30 December 2011

One last Christmas day!

When we came back home to Brunei this morning, we had to get into the Christmas spirit one last time for this year, as we had some more gifts waiting for us under the tree!

Lucky us!

Some Christmas clothes for Linnea's Build-a-Bear:

Nathan opening his present:

Lucas got another installment of the "Wimpy Kid"-books, and got really happy! He has really gotten into reading while away, he and Malthe read in bed every night before sleeping and again when they woke up in the morning:

Linnea got a telescope. Now we are waiting for it to go dark outside so we can try it out!

Now Christmas is over for this year. No more presents!
Normally I would pack away all the Christmas decorations now between Christmas and New Year, I like starting the new year fresh! But since we haven't really enjoyed them much, I'll probably leave them until the kids have gone back to school this time.

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