Saturday, 24 December 2011

Dubai - White Christmas!

To do something special on Christmas Eve, which is our Christmas, we decided to go and explore the Snow Park at Ski Dubai. This is a one of a kind attraction, with over 3000 m2 of snow, indoors!
Before we could go in, we had to get snow suits, socks and snow boots fitted. All included in the price. You could tell our kids are little jungle kids, they all made the rookie mistake of putting their boots on before the snow suits, and then had to do it all again...
But here we are, all matching and ready to go!
We just needed helmets for the kids.
We realized later on it was impossible to keep track of your own kids because they all looked the same! (We also realized later that bringing hats and mittens would have been a good idea...)
It was freezing inside the snow park (*duh*...) but it was very, very beautiful and well laid out.

The boys started by going on a small sleigh.
Lucas in front of the ski lifts:
Then they went down the toboggan, both the small one, and the big one.

Again, the ski lifts.
Linnea and Daniel going in the double toboggan down the big hill.

Lucas tried to taste the snow, but apparently it wasn't very nice!
Lucas and Malthe upgraded to go in the big snow Zorb! Very brave!
This was invented in NZ, but there they roll down the hills obviously.

Here's Lucas climbing in to the Zorb:
Going down the hill.

Just before we left, we met this cuddly polar bear!
Oh, it was such a great morning! Especially on Christmas Eve! Who would've thought we would get a white Christmas..!

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