Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dubai - Day 4

Another day, another spot of shopping..! :)
Well, it is Christmas very soon and we have all been busy finishing up the last secret purchases.
Today I got to see two new malls, first the Mirdif Mall which is Anne's favourite mall and also the one closest to where they live. Anne was still in bed (she's been sick the last few days unfortunately) but the Dads, the kids and I went.
We let the kids have 1 1/2h in a fab play land called 'Cité des enfants', a sort of discovery play where they had a fantastic time.
The Dads went off to do some of their shopping and I managed to find a fab gift for Nathan, jubi!

Then I got dropped off at Festival City where I made a most important stop - at IKEA! I had more success here than in Singapore, very happy.

Finally this afternoon I went grocery shopping with Anne who finally had perked up a bit. Even that is a great pleasure, when you come from Brunei and SupaSave..!
Shop, shop, shoppeti-shop!

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