Monday, 26 December 2011

Dubai - The biggest present

I bought Nathan a Christmas present the other day during one of our shopping trips. I got it wrapped up in the store, in this huge box. Since then it's been standing in our room, teasing everybody, especially Nathan who couldn't understand what on earth he would like from Pottery Barn? Ha ha!

Well, when the rest of us opened our presents last night after the kids were in bed, Nathan wanted to save the big one until the kids could take part in opening it, this morning.

You could almost touch the suspense in the air!

Everybody took part in the unpacking. What could be in this big box??

Nearly there...

And it was... a... bowl..?

Well, not just any bowl but a cooler, for wine, or champagne - or beer, as you will see in a later post! Actually kind of useful, even for Nathan!

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