Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Zumba Xmas Party

On Saturday I went to a big Christmas party that was organized by the people at the Studio where I Zumba. I guess the closest thing to a "company dinner" I've had in many years!
It was a great night, yummy food and nice company; a huge lucky draw, some fun party games and we also did a secret Santa exchange!

Here is a group photo of all the ZINs (Zumba Fitness Instructors) participating that night:

It was a nice change to see everyone so dressed up and looking lovely, when you are used to seeing each other in sweaty exercise clothes!
Susan, our Zumba mentor, held a lovely speech and got to cut the Zumba cake!

Misuzu and I:

I'm really happy I've found Zumba, I truly love it and it's given me all these new amazing friends. I'm looking forward to another year Zumbaing away!

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