Monday, 5 December 2011

Are you kidding me??

This was Lucas comment earlier when I asked if he was happy now. "Are you kidding me??" I guess that's a yes!

No, Christmas hasn't come early...
We started with allowances this term, every Saturday. Lucas very early eyed up and set his target on this Ninjago Lego box, and he has been saving and saving and saving his $5/week very dutifully.
On Saturday he finally met his target of $109, and I had promised we'll go to Toys R'Us. But, Nathan go stuck in Manila most of the weekend because of a technical issue with the airplane, and we didn't want to go without him.

So today, after dinner, we had to make a special trip! All to spend their well saved allowance money. Lucas got his longed for Ninjago box, and Linnea a Strawberry Shortcake house.
What you don't do for your kids, huh!

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