Sunday, 25 December 2011

Dubai - Glöggmys

Christmas Eve continued with an afternoon of waiting for Santa... and Frederik! He had been called out on his stand by in the morning, but luckily "just" to Cairo, so he was scheduled to be back by dinner time.
We had a little photo shoot in the garden after everyone had got changed into their nice Christmas clothes.
Linnea and Ida had the same dress on!
Anne and I felt festive too!
Then we had some 'glöggmys', with Danish æbleskiver, pebbernøder, brunkager and Swedish pepparkakor and homemade glögg! Mmm!
Anne taught the kids how to eat the 'æbleskiver' properly, dipping them first in icing sugar and then in strawberry jam. 'Æbleskiver' tastes like a mix between pancakes and donuts.
Ida knew what to do.
And then, some Disney on TV to pass time even more.
Even Sally the dog got a red ribbon around her neck and was looking very pretty!

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