Sunday, 4 December 2011

A 2011 Santa addition

I'm very traditional when it comes to Christmas decorations. It would never strike my mind to change colour scheme from year to year, to me Christmas is red, green and gold. I also like lots of lights and lots of Santas; and as I wrote in a previous post, most of my decorations have their dedicated spots in my house.

Ever since I was little, I have collected Santas, and get a new one every year from my Mum, and I used to get some from my Mormor (= maternal Grandma) too, all my Santas are marked underneath with their year.
Nowadays I usually also buy myself a Santa or two every year, plus I'm continuing this tradition with Lucas & Linnea.

The other day I bought this beautiful Santa in a shop here in Brunei. I was really happy to find him as (nice) Christmas decorations usually are really hard to come by here.
He reminds me of my Mormor, because she always picked out the Santas with the kindest faces...

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