Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Dubai - Day 9 Aquaventure at Atlantis

Today has been an amazing day! We went to the water park Aquaventure, at Atlantis, which is situated at the top of "The Palm" and we've had such a good time!
The drive there was spectacular too. The whole of Dubai really is spectacular and visually pleasing with all the shiny, fabulous skyscrapers and all the cool architecture.
Here's Jumeira Beach and the Burj Al Arab, commonly known as "The Sail" - the building that was all that and brand new 10 years ago when I used to come here.

Here we are driving out on The Palm itself, you can see the amazing Atlantis in the distance.

Waiting for the Dads getting the tickets, whole watching a movie of all the thrilling rides we are going to try!
Changed and ready to go!
We started with this ride, which was actually my favourite: 'Shark Attack', where you went on/in rubber rings through a tunnel IN the shark tank! Very, very cool! Tons of fish swimming around under and over you, and you could also see other park guests snorkeling in the tank.
Nathan and Linnea:
Frederik and Daniel:
Lucas and I:
Malthe and Lucas:
Anne and Daniel:
Frozen yoghurt break after a few rides.
All of these channels were connected in the park, with lots of rapids, torrents and falls to pass through. That's actually me there bobbing along in the rubber ring!
Nathan and the kids getting out of theirs at the main beach:
Nathan went up to try this ride, the 'Leap of Faith', 27,5m up.
And we waited and waited to try and spot him...
And waited... The queue must have been very long...
There he was! Lucky he had a coloured rash vest on so that he was easy to distinguish from all the other riders.
Then we spent the rest of the afternoon in the Splash Park, the kids area:
Kids enjoyed the big bucket of water that kept spilling over on them.
Anne and I also met up with an old friend from Brunei also here on holiday, such a lovely surprise to be able to meet up here!
We just caught the sunset whilst driving home.
Some of the Dubai skyline.

Such a great day..! *Sighing happily*.

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