Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ali Baba, the Musical

Last night we went back to school and the new Arts Center to watch yet another big show, the Junior School Production of 'Ali Baba, the Musical'.
Lucas signed up to take part and started rehearsing already all last term of last year, so it's been a long time coming! We were all very excited!

Lucas was one of the 40 thieves, you can see him on the second photo in the middle, in a red head scarf:

Kate played Mrs Ali Baba.

Ali Baba delivers pizzas and stumbles across a garage where Mustafa Shower (the dirtiest crook in Bagdad) has stashed his stolen goodies.

Then follows a tale of suspicion, punishment, surprise and a cunning plan to save the day! Of course, there is also a love story in all this between the son of Ali Baba, Hamid, and Sandy the slave girl:

The thieves were on lots of times, singing and dancing:

There was also a very cool camel, my favourite character!

The cunning plan included serving a magic pizza to the thieves..:

... that first made them all fall into a deep slumber, and then very conveniently turned bad guys into good guys!

Before the show finished, the thieves had to return some of the items they had "stolen". Linnea thought it was hilarious they had got Mummy's wallet:

We got a happy ending of course, with a big wedding and the whole cast dancing the night away to 'Desert Boogie Rock'!

Lucas doing the curtain call:

All in all it was a fantastic show! The kids looked so good in their costumes and they were absolute stars on stage - such a great performance!

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